Vegan Design Canvas Tote Bags, VB08

Vegan Design Canvas Tote Bags, VB08

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  • Heavyweight canvas fabric tote bags
  • 12 oz natural canvas
  • Color of Bag : Natural
  • Size  15" x 16" x 3"
  • 22" reinforced web handle
  • Designs are printed on one side.
  • Tocobags Studio offers Unique Custom Design Bags.
  • 100% cotton canvas tote bags are perfect for everyday use!
  • Tocobags Reusable canvas bags are great for city urban life, such as everyday use, shopping grocery, weekend bags, custom gift, beach, travel totes.
  • Our custom bags in unique designs to fit your personality and style.


Designer: Mesut
Design Name: Vegan
Description:  Designed Simple and Practical Tote Bags for Every Day
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